The way I see things.

Arcadia Beach Bell Road Poppies Painting Lavender 11 12x12 oil
Arcadia Beach
Bell Road Poppies Painting Lavender 12x12 $250
Buttons & Lace 2 east creek in fall Sherwood Crimson Clover Autumn Drama 2 Moon & stars #3
Buttons & Lace 2 East Creek in Fall 24x18 $600 Sherwood Crimson 18x 20 $600 Autumn Drama 2
Moon & Stars #3 14x18 $350
Dog Mt. Trail Point Lobos Point Lobos Grandpa's Garden 4 Partly Sunny
Dog Mt. Trail Daddy's Dahlias
Point Lobos 8x10 $150 @ the Ryan Grandpa's Garden 4 Partly Sunny 10x20 $325
Apple Blossoms Spring Splash 4 Fog Lifting Morning Splendor Depoe Bay
Apple Blossoms 9x12 $300 Spring Splash 18x24 $600 @ the Ryan Fog Lifting 8x6 $125 Morning Splendor Depoe Bay 8 X 6 $125 @ the Ryan
Showing Off Muffled Waves My Gardener Spring Splash3 The Blue Pot
Showing Off
oil size 24x8
Muffled Waves
My Gardener
Spring Splash3
The Blue Pot
Pear People Refreshing Alpen Glow 10x12 oil Aunt Lila's 11 6x8 acrylic
Pear People 12x12 $250 Refreshing
Alpen Glow 10x12 $150 Aunt Lila's #2 6x8 @ Rain Dance Marketplace The White Umbrella 18x24 $450 @ 3rd St. Flats
Fog Lifting September Splash Garden Canna 12x9 oil In the Tangle    12x10     $250
Echoing Hills
September Splash
Garden Canna 12x9 $200 In the Tangle 12x10 $250 Remembered 14x11 $250
18x24 acrylic The Heavens Declare View from Durant's 18x24 acrylic Grandma's  Garden     18x24    $500
Rood Bridge Trail The Heavens Declare View from Durant's Spring Splash 1 18x24 Grandma's Garden 18x24 $500
Peonies - 8x10 $150 24 x 30 $600 Solitude City Lights  11x14  $250 Chehalem Mt. 18 X 24
Peonies 8x10 $150 Beach Chairs 24x30 $600 @ the Ryan Solitude
City Lights 11x14 $250 Chehalem Mountain 16x20 $450
$195 $200 11x14 oil Purple Scarf.     15x30.     $600
Newport Marina 10x8 $195 Late Summer Skies 24x36 $750 Dahlia Fields 10x12 $200 After the Harvest 11x14 $225 Purple Scarf 15x30 $600
Not in Oregon Fisherman's Wharf Lavender '14 #2 Canola Sunshine (2) The Wave Watchers
Not in Oregon Fisherman's Wharf 10x8 $150 Lavender '14 #2 10x8 $150 Canola Sunshine 16x20 $350 The Wave Watchers
Wayward Winds
Wayward Winds

I am standing on top of a hill looking down on acres of crimson nearly ready to bloom. The clear blue sky is a backdrop for a regal Mt. Hood still covered with snow that glows a soft cadmium red. The fir trees separate the distant hills from the patterned fields of grass seed, grapes, and grain with barns and silos that glint in the sunlight. One pond is right center and the other borders a stand of timber. Maples and alders cast their shadows across the pasture and it is hard to see where one ends and the other begins.

Ok, breathe. Decide. I can't paint all of it. “You can't paint a novel only a poem,” said one wise instructor. I choose to paint the main pond with the poppies running down the fence line between the grapes and blue berries. Tomorrow I will do the crimson against the mountain.